When does the hair begin to grow out ?

With Effective Hair Transplantation, which is a special transplantation method for Clinic Effect,
It is guaranteed that 90% of the transplanted hair will grow in 6-9 months with the Effective Hair Transplantation Technique, the grafting technique that strengthens the hair follicles, and the nourishing support products.

The first stage involves the hair surgeon gathering information about the patient. This could include old photos, hairstyles, hair direction, combing direction, and so on. All of this knowledge will help you get the ultimate natural-looking head of hair.

Patients expect an effective appearance from their hair transplant.

One of the most important measures in achieving an effective appearance is to open the channels. Future hair development will be influenced by the density, dispersion, angle, and direction of the channels. All must be calibrated to a microscopic level of accuracy.