How Are All on 4 Dental Implants Applied in Turkey?

All on four dental implants procedure is one of the most intensively used treatments recently. We, as Clinic Effect, frequently apply all on four dental implants treatment in Istanbul, Turkey.

In Turkey, we apply all on 4 dental implants to people who have no teeth or very few teeth in their mouths, but who also need extractions. We use panoramic x-ray results in our dental clinic to decide exactly where to place the implants before the procedure. In this way, we can accurately determine the angles, thicknesses and lengths of the implants.

When there is bone loss in the posterior regions of the upper jaw region, the sinus hangs down. In cases of bone loss in the lower jaw, the nerve in the lower jaw gets closer to the jawbone. Therefore, it is not possible to apply dental implants to the posterior regions in these cases. In order to implant the jawbone in the posterior region, it is necessary to prepare the jawbone for implantation by performing bone powder treatment.

In the treatment of all on 4 dental implants, we place 4 implants in the upper or lower jaw. From these implants, we place 2 parallel implants to the front. We put the other 2 implants at an angle close to the posterior region. After that, we prepare a titanium bar on the implants to carry 12 teeth. This bar is screwed into those 4 implants. We place the teeth on that bar.

Therefore, while the implants we use with the normal method are 8-10 millimeters, the dental implants used in the all on four dental implants technique are 15-16 millimeters and stronger. In this way, the bearing load and resistance of the implants are very high.

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