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How to Start Your Hair Transplant Turkey Journey?


Hair transplants are a common choice for persons seeking hair restoration surgery in Turkey. A lot of clinics in Turkey provide all-inclusive hair transplant packages. These packages usually cover the cost of the surgery as well as the cost of lodging and transportation while in Turkey.

Hair transplant packages in Turkey might cost a lot of money, depending on the clinic and the treatment method. To discover the greatest offer, it is critical to conduct research and comparison shopping.

It is also critical to carefully assess the clinic’s and doctors’ reputations and qualifications, as hair transplant surgery is a major medical treatment with serious repercussions if not conducted correctly.

If you are thinking about getting a hair transplant in Turkey, you should consult with a certified medical practitioner, such as a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, to go over your options and establish the best course of treatment for your specific needs.

Free Consultation

  • STEP 1

Book a free hair transplant consultation session with your hospital in Turkey.

During this session, you will have to send recent pictures of your scalp, hair loss regions, and donor regions.

Hair transplant Turkey doctors and surgeons will evaluate the pictures to determine if you are eligible for a hair transplant.

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Flight Arrangements

  • STEP 2

You'll schedule a surgery date if you're qualified for a hair transplant.
We'll get in touch with you to make sure you've planned your trip appropriately.

You will be met at the airport by a chauffeur and a hospital official.

Additionally, Clinic Effect will book you a room in a five-star hotel. Translation and transportation services are provided.


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In-Person Consultation

  • STEP 3

Your in-person consultation will be accompanied by us.
A few blood tests will be ordered by your doctor at this visit.

To ensure you are a candidate for the surgery, the doctor will also inspect your scalp and medical background.

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The Hair Transplant

  • STEP 4

You may attend your procedure after your consultation if time allows.
Otherwise, it will be rescheduled for the next day.

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Clinical Washing

  • STEP 5

We will escort you back to the hospital the following day for your clinical washing.

During this treatment, nurses will gently rinse your scalp before administering medications to eliminate blood clots.

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Request for a Free Consultation

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Hair Transplant Travel to Turkey

For the past years Turkey has become the center of medical tourism whether it is dental treatment or hair transplant. In our case, hair transplant services in Turkey has become very popular in whole world.

Mainly because high quality clinics provide cheap hair transplant packages that include all-inclusive services such as VIP transfers, accommodation and travel. People from all over the world have hair transplant travel to Turkey with affordable cost. Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir has established themselves as hair transplant centers. 

Traveling to Istanbul for Hair Transplant

When it comes to hair transplants, Istanbul is the epicenter of medical tourism in Turkey. There are numerous clinics that provide high-quality services to individuals from all over the world. Clinic Effect, for example, offers all-inclusive service packages. The first thing they do is transport patients from the airport to the hotel under their supervision.

On the second day, patients are welcomed to their clinic for the operation, which takesapproximately 6 to 8 hours depending on the extent of baldness. During the recuperation process following the operation, patients get the opportunity to explore the lovely Istanbul and its famous landmarks. The clinic invites patients for post-operative counseling and advice the following day. Then driver takes them back to the airport for their flight. 

Why should you travel to Turkey for a Hair Transplantation?

Turkey is unquestionably the greatest option for both hair transplantation and vacation. Because medical tourism in the country is increasing. People fly to Turkey for hair transplants from all around the world. For starters, clinics in Turkey offer very low-cost, high-quality treatments. When compared to other countries, the average cost for men and women is very low. Second, hair transplant clinics in Turkey provide treatment packages that include travel accommodations, lodging, and VIP transports.

As a result, patients from all over the world can afford high-quality hair transplantation, travel, and lodging. During their surgery, they can explore Istanbul and visit its most important historical sites thanks to all-inclusive packages.

In this case, when everything is arranged, it is very easy for patients just to come to the country and have their treatment without any travel issues and accommodation.

What are the historical places you can see when you travel to Turkey for a Hair Transplant?

When you travel for a hair transplant to Turkey, in your free time you can find tons of historical places to visit. In this article, we are going to mention most popular places in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir

In Istanbul, we can mention Hagia Sophia Mosque, Galata Tower, Kiz Kulesi, Beylerbeyi Palace, Rumeli Fortress, Eyup Sultan Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Greek Cathedral and Grand Bazaar.

You can visit these places with easy but crowded transportation or with services of hair transplant clinics. When it comes to Ankara, patients can visit:  Anitkabir, Ankara Castle, Cappadocia, Ethnography Museum and Kocatepe Mosque. Cappadocia is the most visited historical place in Ankara with its beauty and age. Izmir is also known with its places like Ancient Ephesus, Asklepion, Ephesus Archaeological Museum, Arkas Art Center and Smyrna Agora Ancient City. Hair transplant in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir can be very exciting. 


We discussed hair transplant travel to Turkey in this article. Turkey is most likely the most popular destination for medical tourism, particularly for hair transplants. Clinics in major cities such as Istanbul provide packages that include arrangements. Patients are welcomed into the country with high-quality services that allow them to go to famous places while undergoing surgery.

So getting a hair transplant in Turkey is both inexpensive and exciting. Traveling with all-inclusive packages is risk-free. Turkey is the ideal option if you want to have hair transplantation while also traveling. It has the top reviews in terms of quality, pricing, and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our representatives for 10 countries are 24/7 available to provide you support at anytime. 

How can I contact you?
You can contact us by phone or WhatsApp by number +90 530 233 04 22 or you can e-mail,
Can I swim after hair transplant?

The rule is to stay away from sea and pools for about 2-4 weeks until the surgeon clears you. 


Can I travel after hair transplantation?

You can travel after hair transplant with instructions of doctor. For example, you have to get baseball hat, umbrella to protect the bald area from sun and rain. Also, you can fly after the surgery. However, there maybe some potential issues like cabin pressure.

How long do I have to stay in Turkey after hair transplant?

Under supervision of your doctor, you can have a test once or twice. If doctor approves the process, you can leave the country.

Will I have scars after getting a hair transplant?

The FUE method makes minimally invasive hair transplantation possible. Only small wounds are formed on the donor area, which are usually almost invisible to the naked eye after recovery.

When can I return to my social life after the surgery?

3 days after the surgery you can return to your social life.

Is it necessary to stay in the hospital after hair transplantation?

There is no need to stay in the hospital after the procedure, the patient can go home immediately after the procedure.

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