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All on Four

All on four implant treatment is a proven application that is frequently applied by patients who have not had teeth or want to have their teeth extracted for various reasons.

What is All on Four dental implant treatment?

All on four implant treatment is a proven application that is frequently applied by patients who have not had teeth or want to have their teeth extracted for various reasons.

In the treatment with the all on four technique, instead of placing an implant for each missing tooth, all teeth are placed in molds on 4 implants placed at different angles.

For this reason, patients who do not have sufficient and strong jawbones gain an aesthetic and comfortable mouth structure at the end of the treatment.

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Who is the All on Four implant treatment applied to?

All on four implant treatment is especially preferred by people in the following group:

  • People who have completely lost their teeth,
  • People with broken or loose teeth and most of them
  • Those who have lost most of their teeth and have broken roots and loose teeth that need to be extracted.
  • Those who are uncomfortable with the removable prosthesis
  • People who use removable dentures because they have lost their teeth and have eating and drinking problems due to the removable dentures they have used, cannot consume most of the things they like, suffer from palate disorders, drop their prosthesis, cannot speak properly, go through painful processes, and feel restless due to the appearance of their mouth.
  • Those with osteoporosis and bone loss
  • Those with osteoporosis and bone loss may consider All on four implant treatment without the need for grafting or bone augmentation. In other words, patients who do not have a strong bone structure, unlike standard implant treatment, can find a cure for their edentulous complaints with this treatment.
  • Those seeking treatment at a relatively low cost
  • In standard implant treatment, a large number of implants are placed. Those who want to have natural teeth with 4 implants in a single session and on the same day, instead of many implant teeth, will pay less with All on 4 dental implants treatment. It is a great opportunity for patients whose economic situation is not good and who do not have time for long-term treatment.
  • Those without risky disease for All on 4 implant treatment


For those considering this treatment, it is necessary to add two points that dentists pay attention to. In the general health status of the patients, there should be no obstacle to implant treatment and there should be no chronic disease that would pose a risk for implant tooth application. (It is known that diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure are risky for All on four implant treatment. It would be appropriate to start treatment after consultation with the dentist who is an expert in these diseases.)

3. Preparation of teeth and impression
After a 3-6 month period, a second procedure is needed to uncover the implant via a small incision in the gum and attach the healing cap. When your gums have healed, your dentist will take a new impression of your mouth. The replacement tooth, or crown, is cemented or screwed in place over the abutment. This will be used to make a model of your teeth on which the dental technician will construct your crown or bridge, paying special attention to achieve a natural finish that matches the rest of your teeth.

4. Fitting of crowns or bridges
When your implant crowns and bridges have been prepared, your dentist will cement or screw them on to the abutments over the dental implants.

What are the advantages of the All on Four implant technique?

  • Satisfactory results are obtained for patients who have lost their teeth.
  • It can be applied to patients of all ages.
  • The operation time is short.

In patients whose mouth and jaw structures are not suitable for this treatment, procedures such as bone augmentation and grafting performed with the standard implant technique are not required. Due to the absence of molars in the lower jaw, bone resorption occurs, making it difficult to implant implants in this area. Likewise, the downward expansion of the cavities called sinuses in the upper jaw makes it difficult to place implants in the upper jaw. By using the All on four implant technique, these problems are overcome and there is no problem in implant application. In standard implant treatment, different sessions are required.

  • Fewer dental implants are used.

Even if the patient has no teeth in his mouth, 4 implants are sufficient. Standard dental implant treatment requires 8-10 implants (sometimes 6).

  • This treatment can be applied even if there is bone resorption.

In cases where the implant cannot be inserted due to bone resorption on the back of the jawbone, it is possible to achieve fixed teeth with the All on 4 implant technique.

  • It is an ideal treatment for those who are uncomfortable with their removable prostheses.

Conventional dental prostheses are mobile and patients experience problems such as nausea, dropping, hitting the palate, stinging, and burning while using this prosthesis. People who have permanent teeth with All on four dental implant treatment are freed from suffering from these problems.

  • There is no need to remove the dentures for cleaning as in traditional dentures.
  • It is easy to use.

It is easier to use as it does not cover the patient’s palate as in traditional palate prostheses.

  • It is economical.

All on four dental implant treatment is more economical than standard dental implant treatment.


Frequently Asked Question

All on four implant price is not fixed. It is more economical than standard implant application for patients who have lost all their teeth to be treated with the All on 4 implant technique. The number of sessions and implant prices increase due to the fact that patients with no teeth have permanent teeth with standard implant dental treatment, the number of implant teeth used is high, and extra surgical interventions such as grafting and bone augmentation are performed.

Due to the issues we have mentioned below, the price of All on 4 dental implants is directly affected:

  • Dentist’s knowledge and experience


Due to the knowledge and experience of dentists on the application of the All on 4 implant technique, the price of the implant is affected. Differences between treatments performed in clinics will vary based on experience.

  • Implant feature and brand


There are many dental implant brands with varying costs. All on four implant prices will increase with the use of best implants with high brand value. It is useful to talk to dentists in this regard.

  • The feature of the dental implant structure


Since the materials to be made on the implant have different properties, the price of the implant also changes.

  • Exchange rates


Due to the increase in the exchange rates, especially the imported implant prices are constantly increasing. This increase directly affects the price.

Since local anesthesia is performed and the mouth and jaw area are anesthetized, there is no need to worry about pain during All on four implant treatment. However, since the effect of the narcotic substance will cease after the operation, there may be pain due to the destructions that occur during implantation.

With the use of painkillers recommended by the dentist, this pain after the application can be reduced or completely terminated. Depending on the patient’s panic state, optional sedation or general anesthesia can also be performed by taking the opinion of the anesthesiologist.

They are much more successful methods than traditional methods. One of the most important achievements of this treatment method is that patients with no or few teeth complete all missing teeth and have fixed prostheses with four implants.

Four implant teeth are placed at an angle in the anterior part of the jaw, where the bone volume is more sufficient than the posterior parts of the jaw. This placement of the implants in the anterior jaw is another success of the All on 4 method.

In the All-on-four method, temporary prostheses are attached until the permanent prostheses are made, ensuring that the patient is not toothless. Thus, during the treatment process that lasts for 3-4 months, the patient does not have any teeth.

With the All on Four implant technique, the prostheses are fixed to 4 implants placed in the jaw. After the implants are placed at an angle to the jawbone, fixed prosthetic teeth prepared by measuring the person’s jaw and mouth structure are placed on it.

Thus, the patient has permanent and fixed prostheses, from which it is not possible to remove the prosthesis without the help of a doctor.

The subscription involves recurrent payments.

The yearly subscription allows using the product included in it during one year from the date of purchase. When the year ends, the charges are taken to continue the subscription automatically.

If you’re using a Lifetime plan, the charges will be taken only once, and you’ll be able to use the product from the subscription and receive all the updates without any additional payments or charges taken.

Note: *Prices exclude VAT/Taxes

While All on four dental implant treatment is applied, the prostheses are fixed on 4 implants. Since the prostheses are fixed, it is not possible for the person to remove it himself. If your dentures need to be removed, it is not possible to remove them without the help of your dentist, and trying to remove them is quite risky.

You can damage dentures and implants while trying to remove them, so they should be removed with the help of a dentist in a clinical setting.

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