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Aminata SidibeAminata Sidibe
14:04 01 Apr 23
I got my zirconium crownings at this dentist and I am very satisfied. Highly recommended. Very professional, but still maintains the personal service you would get in a smaller practice making you feel cared for
Diarra ArounaDiarra Arouna
11:32 30 Mar 23
This was everything I hoped for and more. The staff are knowledgeable and incredibly friendly. The work was masterfully done by a team of dedicated dental care providers. I was picked up at the airport, brought to my hotel (which they provided), ferried to my appointments and back, and finally brought back to the airport. Everything from A to Z was thought of and looked after. All questions or concerns I had were quickly answered and explained. My only regret is not having done this sooner! Thank you, Clinic Effect for an amazing experience. You've quite literally changed my life and I'm forever grateful!
Beauty BbyBeauty Bby
11:32 28 Mar 23
Brilliant service from the second you first message them even up till after you’ve left can’t thank the staff at Clinic Effect enough. If your going to have your teeth done this is the place to go. You will not be disappointed.
Huzaifa ZakariyyaHuzaifa Zakariyya
11:05 28 Mar 23
What a great experience this dentist has given me everything I asked for. I so happy with my result I would recommend this dentist 110% Big thank you to team.😁😁😁😁😁😁
Aliyu HassanAliyu Hassan
10:13 25 Mar 23
Good dentist makes you feel at ease and explains all options available. Coordination between staff is excellent and they are friendly, especially the receptionist great customer service



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Obtaining the top professionals and the most modern technologies in their domains has been the foundation of Clinic Effect‘s quality management approach from its inception.

Clinic Effect uses cutting-edge technology to deliver efficient solutions and high-quality services that exceed our patients’ expectations and aspirations. We think that everyone has the right to be their best self. As a result, we have the lowest costs in relation to the rest of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our representatives for 10 countries are 24/7 available to provide you support at anytime. 

Hair Transplant

How can I contact you?
You can contact us by phone or WhatsApp by number +90 530 233 04 22 or you can e-mail,
Is hair transplant surgery painful?

The surgery is done under local anaesthesia, so almost nothing is felt during the operation itself except the anaesthesia itself. With needle-free anaesthesia, this pain can be reduced by 70% as well.

How much does an online hair analysis by Clinic Effect cost?

Your online hair analysis by Clinic Effect is free of charge. You will also receive a free consultation with the Clinic Effect hair loss experts.

How long does the hair transplant process take?

Under normal conditions, it takes an average of 6 to 8 hours.

Will I have scars after getting a hair transplant?

The FUE method makes minimally invasive hair transplantation possible. Only small wounds are formed on the donor area, which are usually almost invisible to the naked eye after recovery.

When can I return to my social life after the surgery?

3 days after the surgery you can return to your social life.

Is it necessary to stay in the hospital after hair transplantation?

There is no need to stay in the hospital after the procedure, the patient can go home immediately after the procedure.


How much will i save?

Around 50%-70% compared to the costs in the EU and UK.

What is the average cost of Hollywood Smile?

We generally suggest to our patients to go with 20 units of veneers/crowns to have an aesthetic smile. Average cost of smile makeover ranges between 3000 GBP-4000GBP, but also it depends on what material or how many teeth you want to get done.

For further information, you can contact with our team on WhatsApp.

What is included in the price of dental treatments?

The price we offer you consists your treatment

+ Hotel Stay During Treatment 
+ Accommodation
+ Airport-Hotel-Clinic Transfers
+ Panoramic X-Ray
+ Dentist Examination
+ Volumetric Tomography
+ Temporary Teeth (until your treatment finishes)
+ Mould Guard (for the nights)

Is it going to be a painful process?

The treatment is a lot of work of several steps from shaving the teeth to root canal treatments so that why we make sure to numb your gums so you can’t feel any pain. It is normal to feel some sensitivity and swelling after the treatment but it heals with time.

How is it possible to save 50-70% on treatment at Clinic Effect?

Treatment is provided in Istanbul/Turkey, where living costs, such as rent, salaries and the cost of food are lower than in the UK and Europe. This translates into bigger savings for our patients. Lower pricing doesn’t have to mean lower quality. We pride ourselves on offering the best possible care at a price that doesn’t break your bank account! 

We are a large practice which means we buy dental equipment and supplies in large amounts. Dental product suppliers are happy to give us discounts that we can then forward on to our patients.

We only purchase the best in terms of dental equipment, but we don’t shell out on unnecessary frills. That’s why you won’t find talking dental chairs and Persian rugs in our centre, but you will find a high-tech, modern and comfortable environment.

We don’t spend big sums on unnecessary marketing. Most of our clients find us by word-of-mouth or through agents.

We mean to be green. We do our best to be sustainable, not just environmentally, but also economically and socially.

What is the difference between Hollywood Smile and Veneers?

Hollywood smile is a total makeover using state-of-the-art technology and the latest innovations. It may involve various dental treatments such as dental implants, crowns, or veneers.

Since veneers are used in many cases, people assume that Hollywood smile makeover is just another type of veneer. In fact, veneers are just one of the steps in a total smile makeover.

How long does the treatment take?

– Hollywood Smile procedure takes 2-5 days, you can stay for 5 days in our hotel.
– Dental veneers/crowns procedure takes 3-5 days, you can stay for 6-7 days in our hotel.
– Dental implant procedure; if your gums and jaw bones are proper and strong enough it can be finished in a week. Otherwise the treatment will take 2 stages and there are 2-3 months between each stage.

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