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Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey

An eyebrow hair transplant is a popular choice for those who are dealing with a lack of hair growth as well as those who wish to enhance the appearance of their brows for aesthetic purposes.

An eyebrow transplant in Turkey is a great solution to permanently restoring eyebrow hair in patients who suffer from congenital eyebrow absence as well as those who lost hair due to trauma which may include scarring, over plucking and chemotherapy.

In addition to overcoming hair loss, an eyebrow hair transplant is also growing in popularity to thicken or enhance the appearance of the eyebrows to get the desired style.

Eyebrow Transplants in Turkey: The Procedure

  • The best eyebrow transplant in Turkey is carried out using the FUE hair transplant technique; permanently restoring eyebrow hair with natural looking results.

  • When carried out by accredited surgeons, the process of the best eyebrow transplant in Turkey uses micro equipment for immaculate end results with no scarring.

  • Hair will be carefully extracted from either the eyebrows, behind the ear or from the upper thighs.

  • Typically, an FUE eyebrow hair transplant takes around 5-6 hours to complete. This is dependent on how many grafts need to be extracted and transplanted but this will be established prior.

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Eyebrow Transplant Advantages

An eyebrow hair transplant in Turkey is popular has a wide range of advantages. These include:

  • Increased confidence with thicker, fuller eyebrows.
  • Improved facial expressions and enhanced appearance.
  • Low levels of pain/discomfort following your procedure.
  • No scarring, giving you natural eyebrow.
  • Minimal downtime.
  • Low risk of complications.

Why Choose Clinic Effect for an Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey?

  • Reduced costs of treatment.
  • High-quality standards in patient care and service.
  • The best eyebrow transplant surgeons internationally.
  • Accommodation arranged along with onward travel.
  • Central Istanbul location.
  • Eyebrow transplant aftercare included.

*Procedure Time – 5 – 6 hours

*Anaesthetic – Local anaesthetic

*Recovery Time – Minimal downtime

*Accommodation & Transfer – Included

Choosing the Best Eyebrow Transplant Surgeon

The great level of precision required to achieve the best brow transplant in Turkey necessitates the use of a highly competent surgeon. Thorough investigation into the healthcare provider to ensure you are attending an accredited hospital and surgeon will help you avoid an eyebrow hair transplant that is dangerous or produces unsatisfactory results.

Clinic Effect collaborates with the greatest brow transplant surgeons who are highly experienced in order to deliver the best results for each and every one of our patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I tackle eyebrow hair loss?

Eyebrows falling out can be caused by a number of factors such as health issues, heredity, hormones, and skin disorders. Eyebrow hair loss can have a negative influence on self-esteem, but there is a permanent remedy to brow hair loss. In Turkey, a brow transplant uses hair from donor locations to provide permanent hair growth for a natural appearance.

How long does an eyebrow transplant last?

With an eyebrow transplant in Turkey, you can permanently address brow hair loss. Because the hair follicles are implanted from hair-growth areas, the hair will grow naturally and produce long-lasting results. Grooming may be required to maintain the appearance of hair obtained from places that grow to lengths longer than average brow hair.

Is an eyebrow hair transplant risky?

In general, if performed by the greatest brow transplant surgeons in Turkey, the procedure is very safe. Other than mild swelling and scabbing, pain is negligible, and the possibility of developing any other difficulties is extremely unlikely.

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