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Oral Hygiene during Ramadan – Eid

oral hygiene during ramadan eid

How to prevent bad breath due to fasting? You can prevent bad breath, or what is scientifically known as halitosis by adhering to strict oral hygiene measures such as brushing three times a day (after iftar, after suhoor and before going to bed) as well as flossing daily and the use of dental aids such… Continue reading Oral Hygiene during Ramadan – Eid

8 Tips to Improve your Oral Hygiene Routine

8 tips to improve your oral hygiene routine

“What is your profession?” is the most common question I find myself answering when meeting new people. With a smile on my face I say, “I’m a dental hygienist,” immediately they become uncomfortable and their eyes widen as their hand quickly latches over their mouth in embarrassment. We exchange a friendly laugh and the conversation… Continue reading 8 Tips to Improve your Oral Hygiene Routine

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