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How To Choose The Best Surgeon For A Hair Transplant?

Choosing the best hair transplant surgeon is an extremely important decision when you want a hair transplant in Turkey. So, what can you do to ensure you choose the right surgeon for an FUE hair transplant? We have listed some of the most important factors to consider when it comes to how to choose a hair transplant surgeon.

Choose the Very Best Clinic

The quality of the clinic you choose will often be an indication of the quality of the hair transplant surgeons in Turkey who work there. All our patients expect nothing but the highest quality of service, and this is exactly what we can provide at Clinic Effect. The best hair transplant surgeons in Turkey work at Clinic Effect, and our award-winning reputation is the proof you need of a trusted, professional, highly trained hair transplant surgeon in Turkey.

Face-to-face Consultation

Any reputable hair transplant surgeon in Turkey will insist on a face-to-face consultation. This is how you can differentiate an untrustworthy from trustworthy surgeon. If they are willing to meet in person, just as best our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey are, this is highly indicative of a surgeon who puts their patients first and wants to establish a level of trust, catering to your wants and need in a personable manner. When you meet our very best surgeon for a hair transplant in Turkey, you will be met with professionalism, understanding and clarity in terms of what is being offered. Our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey will then assess whether the results you are hoping for are attainable and realistic, before giving you a breakdown of what to expect.

Type of Hair Transplant Offered

At Clinic Effect, as we only employ the best hair transplant surgeons, the type of hair transplant offered will be that of a FUE hair transplant. Many clinics will offer you a FUT hair transplant, which we highly advise against. Our world leading FUE hair transplant surgeons in Turkey offer a procedure that offers minimal scarring when compared to a FUT hair transplant. Rather than carrying out a procedure that involved the removal of a large strip of scalp, our very best surgeons for hair transplants in Turkey use a much safer procedure where the grafts are extracted and transplanted one by one.

Even if you see FUT hair transplants offered at clinics for a cheaper price, this is for a good reason – the procedure is not as effective. Trust our vest hair transplant surgeons with an FUE type transplant and reap the numerous rewards involved.

Legitimate Before and After Pictures

Any hair transplant surgeon in Turkey with a good reputation will happily provide before and after pictures of their hair transplant procedures. It is important that you assess a surgeon’s background and can establish that their clinic is legitimate through the evidence of before and after pictures. As hair transplant recovery can takes between 8 – 12 months for the full results to become visible, how to choose a hair transplant surgeon in Turkey should be done by asking the surgeon to see photographs of the various healing stages to help you garner an understanding of how your hair should look like as the healing process is till underway.


Any reputable hair transplant surgeon in Turkey will have testimonials that can showcase their abilities through positive patient reviews. If a hair transplant surgeon in Turkey is lacking in testimonials, this is an immediate red flag. See our various positive testimonials here and see exactly what patients think of our very best hair transplant surgeons in Turkey.

A Comprehensive Aftercare Plan

If you are not presented with a clear, thorough aftercare plan, you should avoid the hair transplant surgeon in Turkey who has not offered you one. The best surgeons for hair transplants in Turkey will always resent you with an aftercare plan entailing what you should and should not do, as well as an offering of medication, cream, and specialist shampoo to help reduce the healing time following your procedure.

Get in Touch Today for the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon

Contact us now for the best hair transplant surgeon in Turkey. By contacting us today, our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey can evaluate your requirements while advising you upon the next steps you should take prior to arranging your procedure.

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How can I contact you?

You can contact us by phone or WhatsApp by number +90 531 559 97 99, or you can e-mail

How much does an online hair analysis by Clinic Effect cost?

Your online hair analysis by Clinic Effect is free of charge. You will also receive a free consultation with the Clinic Effect hair loss experts.

When can I return to my social life after the surgery?

3 days after the surgery you can return to your social life.

Do you provide a warranty for hair transplants?

We are monitoring the situation to guarantee that you obtain the desired outcome.

Is hair transplant surgery painful?

The surgery is done under local anaesthesia, so almost nothing is felt during the operation itself except the anaesthesia itself. With needle-free anaesthesia, this pain can be reduced by 70% as well.

Will transplanted hair fall out?

The transplanted hair will fall out shortly after the procedure, a condition called as shock loss, but will continue to grow.

Will I have scars after getting a hair transplant?

The Sapphire FUE process allows for least invasive hair transplantation. Only little wounds emerge on the donor region, which are normally nearly imperceptible to the human eye after healing.

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