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Dental Tourism

With a high level of expertise our staff will provide you the best dental experience in Istanbul, Turkey same high standards as the rest of Europe.

Dental Tourism Tourism in Istanbul

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With more than 20 years of experience in Istanbul dental care and dental implant treatment and all major treatments in dental health including cosmetic dentistry.

Save up to 70 % in Istanbul

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The Benefits Of Dental Treatment

in Istanbul, TURKEY

  • Known for its dental tourism Turkey is one of the top dental treatment destinations for patients to choose dental treatment abroad.

  • High-quality treatments by state of the art techniques at an affordable cost with the best dentist in Turkey

  • Istanbul is one of the most visited cities in the World, with about 15 million visitors per year. Wouldn’t it be nice to extend your visit with a joyful holiday?

  • Clinic Effect serves approximately 20 patients from the UK and continental Europe every month with a UK-based international network.

Step 1.

Contact Us

We will discuss your desires and based on your digital panoramic x-ray. We can give you an approximate price offer as well as time needed for completion of the dental work.

Step 2.

Travel Packages

Once you decide when you want to visit Istanbul, you can also request and add to your dental treatment additional travel packages: When all you need is decided, we can help arrange your travel.

Step 3.


You can then book your flights in accordance with the agreed dates.

Step 4.


If you require any assistance with making your hotel reservation we are happy to help. Alternatively you can make your own reservation as you wish.

Step 5.


Before your departure we will send you written confirmation of your appointment bookings, travel arrangements and accomodation (if booked through us).

Step 6.

Arrival in Istanbul

Upon arrival at the Airport, you will be welcomed by one of our friendly drivers in a VIP car, who will take you to your selected hotel and later to the clinic if needed.

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You might be wondering: Are dentists in Turkey good?

Clinic Effect provides; World Class Dental Surgeons and the best dentist in Turkey İstanbul.

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70% cheaper than in Europe

Extensive guarantee

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