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All You Need to Know Before Getting a Celebrity Smile in Istanbul

When considering undergoing any type of cosmetic procedure, whether it’s at home or abroad, you want to make sure that you trust the practitioner you’re working with. When it comes to getting a celebrity smile in Istanbul, many people wonder if they can find the same quality of care that they would find in a renowned Dentist in their home country. After all, getting a smile makeover is no small investment, and you’d want to be sure that you make the best of it.

Fortunately, there are a handful of dentists in Istanbul that specialize in providing celebrity smile transformations for their clients. These dentists understand the importance of offering the highest quality cosmetic dentistry, and they take serious precautions to make sure that their patients are taken care of before, during, and after their treatment. Whether you need to redesign your smile or go for a full celebrity-style veneer makeover, the Istanbul-based dentists can help.

When looking for a dentist to perform your smile makeover, it’s important to make sure that he or she is experienced and qualified. Look for dentists that have successfully completed similar procedures on other patients, and make sure to ask questions about their profession and experience. Many dentists in Istanbul also offer free consultations with potential patients so you can have a better feel as to their competency and skill.

The next step is to understand what kind of procedure you need and determine what kind of materials you’d like to use. In Istanbul, porcelain veneers are particularly popular as they are known to be extremely durable and create a natural-looking smile. You should also discuss colour and shape with your dentist so that the veneers match your facial structure and skin tone.

Your chosen dentist should also be able to provide a clear timeline and benefit so that you can get the results you desire. For example, if you’re looking to achieve a celebrity-style transformation, the dentist should be able to provide a step-by-step plan, including the number of veneers needed and the type of restoration needed to give you the best results.

Your dentist should also be able to provide information on aftercare and preventive care, as well as any follow-up appointments you may need to maintain your smile. Taking good care of your teeth and gums is important for the longevity of your smile, so it’s important to ask questions about any recommended maintenance you may need to keep your smile looking its best.

Getting a celebrity smile in Istanbul is a great way to achieve the results you want without having to spend a fortune. With the right dentist and the right materials, you can achieve the same effects that celebrities achieve with their smile transformations. With the right preparation, you can enjoy the same level of care and pampering as you would anywhere else in the world, and you’ll create memories that’ll last you a lifetime.

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The surgery is done under local anaesthesia, so almost nothing is felt during the operation itself except the anaesthesia itself. With needle-free anaesthesia, this pain can be reduced by 70% as well.

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The transplanted hair will fall out shortly after the procedure, a condition called as shock loss, but will continue to grow.

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The Sapphire FUE process allows for least invasive hair transplantation. Only little wounds emerge on the donor region, which are normally nearly imperceptible to the human eye after healing.

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