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Achieving Beautiful Teeth Through Cosmetic Dentistry in Istanbul

Cosmetic dentistry in Istanbul has become increasingly popular over the past few years as people become more conscious of their appearance and how they present themselves. There are a variety of cosmetic dentistry options available in Istanbul, ranging from veneers, crowns, bridges and implants to whitening, bleaching and reshaping. Because of the availability of a diverse range of dental treatments in Istanbul, more people are turning to cosmetic dentistry to attain beautiful teeth and a perfect smile.

One of the most popular dental procedures in Istanbul is veneers, which are thin, highly durable and customisable shells that can be bonded over existing teeth. This type of cosmetic dentistry is often chosen to cover cracks, chips and discolorations in the teeth as well as close gaps and correct asymmetrical teeth. Patients often choose to use porcelain veneers as they are lifelike and aesthetically pleasing, due to its superior adhesive quality.

Crowns are also another type of cosmetic dental treatment that is commonly used in Istanbul. A crown is a cap usually made from porcelain or other materials that is used to cover a tooth that is severely damaged, discolored or misshapen. The crown will create a natural and aesthetically pleasing result, providing much needed strength to the tooth as well.

Another popular cosmetic dental option in Istanbul is Zirconia implant, which is an ideal dental solution for those who have been missing teeth for many years. This treatment is used to replace one or more missing teeth and provides a strong, durable and lifelike result. The procedure itself is quick and efficient with minimal pain and recovery time.

Teeth whitening is also available in Istanbul and is often used to restore a youthful, healthy and white smile. This procedure is performed in the dental office and can be completed in a short space of time. Teeth bleaching is also a popular option, helping to remove stains and discoloration from the tooth surface, resulting in a brighter and more beautiful smile.

Cosmetic dentistry in Istanbul provides a range of different treatments to help individuals achieve beautiful teeth and a perfect smile. From veneers, crowns and bridges to whitening, bleaching and reshaping, there is a solution to fit every individual’s needs. With the range of cosmetic dental treatments available, more and more people are turning to the city in order to improve their smile and boost their confidence.

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